Flying Circus 1.3.1

Patch Notes:


  • Removed unfortunate reference.
  • Added a single 's' someplace. See if you can find it!


  • Tiny change on the Student profile.
  • Added Crit guidelines to Player Reference.

Core Planes

  • Added engine rarity guidelines so you stop shoving Sigvirds in every fucking plane, you goddamn goblins.
  • Healed the Timeline
  • Increased number/density of Republics
  • Changed Kobra M(D) variation to be good actually
  • Changed Spinne prototype variation to be consistent with Horror of the Heights.
  • Braun VJ is now appropriately flammable, and its spy version is awesome.
  • L&L Kessel IIb elevators now bend correctly.
  • Removed vestigial zeppelin hook from the Markgraf Korsar
  • Markgraf Attentäter now has correct wing load and visibility
  • Briefly increased number of Empires
  • Arntwerke d.13 is now infinitesimally less cursed, but has correct number of cylinders
  • Universität Kobra variants didn’t work, but you can now Try More Gun
  • Removed Horses

Horror of the Heights

  • Kreuzer Spinnmilbe engine now has correctly-obstructed airflow
  • Sonnenjäger Hummel price adjusted for inflation

Flights of Fancy

  • We cannot allow a Fanciness Gap!

Flight at the Museum

  • SFW-Rathenau Nimbus no longer has vision obstructed by nonexistent tail
  • Braun GA ‘Gulaschkanone’ propellor mistakes configuration more accurately cursed


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Jan 19, 2022
FlyingCircus_V1_3_1_CoreBook.pdf 74 MB
Jan 19, 2022
FlyingCircus_V1_3_1_Playbooks.pdf 2 MB
Jan 19, 2022

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