Flying Circus 1.11

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Welcome to Flying Circus 1.11! There were a few hiccups putting it together, but in short, the Aircraft Builder is now prepped and ready and the game is in the form it'll be for print.

Here's a full changelog!


  • Added 4 new pages of air combat tips and tactics for new players.
  • Removed the Simple Aircraft Modding owing to the accessibility of the builder tool.
  • Replaced with Terrain Features rules for flying low or over mountains.
  • Total overhaul of the ammunition type system which makes it even remotely usable.
  • Added a variety of advanced aircraft features directly to the Advanced Rules so they don't need to be explained in aircraft profiles, including wing warping and airbrakes.
  • Added a new Long Haul move as an alternate version of Air Patrol for bombers and cargo pilots.
  • Revised injury rules, changed the way unconsciousness works to make it more of a GM tool, and gave guidelines for inflicting injury to PCs.
  • Added a new question to most playbooks to better serve the game’s themes.
  • Added quick player reference thingy.


Air Combat Major Rules

  • Rewrote Dogfight move. Broadly the same, but it is much clarified and there is now a 20+ result to encourage additional speed-spending.
  • First two moves of Bushwack rewritten to encourage more historically authentic energy fighting tactics.
  • Aircraft have a new Rate of Climb statistic and Steady Climb mechanics.
  • Added the new Oil Pan and Oil Cooler vital parts for Radial and Liquid Cooled engines, and unified the effects with Oil Tanks.
  • Completely new Armour system.
  • Specified that cooling off the engine out of combat is actually safe and won’t get you killed, unless the engine actually subsequently dies.
  • Subsequent Crit Checks now use 50% of the previous hits rather than -10.
  • Overhaul of aircraft altitude rules to tie seamlessly into superchargers.
  • Air to air rockets have revamped and much improved rules that should eliminate some cheaty edge-cases.
  • Changed Overstrain to subtract Daring from incoming damage.
  • Overhaul to the Precision Rifle mechanics to make it better at critting targets.
  • To represent the fragility of radiators, a radiator must always be hit before an oil cooler when crits are allocated.
  • Adjusted Wing Blades to tie them more closely into other systems. Using them is now a form of Dogfighting.
  • Rewrote Bailing Out to be more interesting.
  • Reduced potential Injury from Go Down.
  • Wingwalking now no longer requires a roll.
  • New Heavy Repeating Cannon (HRC) represents pom-pom guns for anti-aircraft and airship use. It’s really scary!
  • Add muzzle flash blindness effect while night fighting, to give night fighters like the Sopwith Comic a distinct role.
  • Firing at airships and ground targets now counts as being two range bands closer, making it easier to do at longer range so you don’t have to skim the ground to strafe, and so that cannons can hit airships more reliably.
  • Added cargo space rules.
  • You can no longer use bombsights while dive bombing, but you can use gunsights!
  • Speed Factor 0 collisions now actually do damage!

Air Combat Balance Changes

  • Total rewrite of all aircraft profiles
    • The Worker’s Kobra MB now starts with a light cannon.
    • The Student’s Gegenbeispiel now starts with a punt gun.
    • Added two new planes: The Arntwerks c.10 and the basic Mammut.
  • Wing mounted gun Hit dropoff progression now 100/90/20/10
  • Balloon gun nerfed to 2 damage from 4, as intended. Also gave them Awkward -2.
  • Flammable planes take double damage when on fire only.
  • Scatterguns now do half as much damage but additional Hits.
  • LRCs are more likely to jam but shoot more shots.
  • Additional ammo for heavier weapons.

Ground Rules

  • Enhanced Seize the Initiative: It is now a +Daring move, it has a 20+ result, bonus for ambushes or prepared defenses, and some language refinements.
  • Rewrite to Get Real, giving better fail forward options when it does not work and allowing you to call out other players to get them to change their statline.
  • Vents changed to encourage the social, interparty dramatic outcomes.
  • Vices changed. No huge Stress gain option, and Vice familiarity is now dependent on a roll instead of uses.
  • Slight small arms balance adjustments. Flare guns can now ignite balloons.
  • You only need to pay upkeep for planes that flew, and planes that do not fly in combat are massively cheaper. This should make maintaining an arsenal of spare planes in your hanger more viable.
  • Parlay with the Strange is now 20+ instead of just 20 for the bonus effects.
  • Added a note to Towns that pilots can jump between towns without having it start a new Routine and making them pay upkeep on their planes.
  • Negotiate a Contract moved from +Calm to +Daring.

Pilot Moves

  • Added “Complex Origins” on page 127, allowing you to start with a move from another Background.
  • Rewrote the Witch’s Magic rules to give more guidance to use in combat.
  • Total rewrite of the Believer’s core and intimacy moves.
  • Rewrote several Worker moves to allow them to be more proactive in Adulting.
  • Rewrite of the Survivor’s Comfort Object move to better represent the fiction.
  • Believer’s “Force of Will” move changed to eliminate the dreaded Zombie Pilot build.
  • Rewrote three Survivor moves, including outright replacing two with new ones heavily inspired by Dream of the Sky.
  • Gave the Witch a new move allowing them to better define the Wild narratively, replacing an inappropriate seductive move.
  • Witch changes: the broomstick is now faster but has higher energy loss.
  • Skyborn wingsuits now have a ‘Thermal riding’ ability but higher turn bleed.
  • Adjusted One in a Million to be more characterful
  • Brought the cost of Rethink your Life to 4XP from 3.
  • The Fisher move Written in Ink now costs Stress to get tattoos and clears Stress when used.
  • Rewrote Strategist for the Soldier. Instead of a piddly terrible +1 bonus, it now lets you use the Soldier’s statline while you follow their plan.
  • Added Brawl to the moves affected by Advanced Recon,

Threat Changes

  • Codified Armoured Skin as a concept: immunity to Damage (but not Crits) from attacks below its Damage. Applied it to Clockwerk planes, Dragons, and Whaler airships.
  • Buffed Whaler airships to be tougher and carry more firepower.
  • Teams can now claim large targets like dragons and leviathans as a victory for the whole team.
  • Added three generic airships for use in missions.


  • Clarified that Navigators assist with Air Patrol and Long Haul moves.
  • Clarified how G-Force and Injury penalties interact with Take Fire.
  • Electric lifter and engine rules removed: they aren’t coming for a long while so its expansion material now.
  • Fixed *so many* typos.
  • Adjusted range band distances to be more realistic.


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