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Flights of Fancy contains ten new premade airplanes for the Flying Circus roleplaying game, all of them cutting-edge prototypes which never quite achieved the fame of their more common counterparts. Perhaps there was a fatal flaw, or political meddling, or it simply wasn't its time, but in the hands of a daring and skilled pilot, these planes will rule the skies.

The ten aircraft included are...

  • The Ritter Model X "Falke", a superpowered scout with a dangerously unreliable engine (Sopwith Dragon).
  • The von Morgen Walküre, a heavily-armoured ground attack triplane (AEG PE).
  • Hugo's Metallisches Jagdflugzeug!, an all-metal monoplane fighter (Junkers D.1).
  • The Sonnenjäger Seitenwinder, a super-agile, and super-unstable, quadraplane turn fighter (Friedrichshafen FF.54).
  • The Tejas Interceptor, a cutting-edge Skyborn monoplane with amazing top speed despite a tiny engine (Nieuport Madon).
  • The Sonnenjäger Haifisch, a streamlined and tough float biplane fighter. (LFG WD/Roland D.I).
  • The Albrecht Pfeil, a militarized version of the fastest two-seater in Himmilgard (Daimler L14).
  • The Teicher Sperber 8N-A, a speedy rotary designed for short, sharp attack dives (Avro 531 Spider).
  • The Markgraf Todesbote C, a two-seater seaplane bomber with a heavy bombload (Fairey IIIc).
  • The von Morgen Pferd, an enormous 4-engine bomber with a 42 meter wingspan and a two-ton bombload! (Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI)
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adds a bunch more quirky planes to the game about flying quirky planes. what's not to love?