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Flights at the Museum contains eleven "new" premade airplanes for the Flying Circus roleplaying game, covering planes from the earliest stages of the Great War or even before. While they are now long in the tooth and outclassed by modern examples, the book contains a number of suggestions for how to get these old birds back in the sky in your campaign.

The eleven aircraft included are...

  • The Albrecht Kugel, a streamlined two-seater racing monoplane (Torpedo Monoplane).
  • The Flugzeugwerft-Neustadt Korsar, a beautifully built two-seater biplane powered by a liquid cooled radial engine. (Anatra Anasal)
  • The Kreuzer Typ 18 Zecke, a stubborn and sturdy inline engined biplane fighter (Fokker D.1).
  • The Markgraf Streiter, an early scout with the unique ability to shoot its weapon sideways (Bristol Scout).
  • The Mitscher IG B-78, a pusher-engined light bomber with a gun that can take a lot of punishment (Voisin III).
  • The Müller Experimental 3, a beautiful early aircraft with a skeletal tail and the cheapest plane in the world (Blériot XI).
  • The SFW Flitzer, an unarmed biplane with unbelievably good performance and climb rate (RAF S.E.2).
  • The SFW-Rathenau Nimbus, a bizarre flying wing whose advanced aerodynamics make it perfectly stable (Dunne D.8).
  • The Teicher Fuchs, a strange, sleek star-strutted biplane with a gun in a wing pod (Hansa-Brandenburg D.I)
  • The Weiss Wrackbarsch, a compact and delicate quadruplane with exceptional handling (Wight Quadruplane).
  • And the Braun GA ‘Gulaschkanone’, the worst plane anyone has ever unwillingly flown (Short S.47 Triple Tractor).
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