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First Flights contains ten all-original premade airplanes for the Flying Circus roleplaying game, one for each of the game's core playbooks. Each is a unique and imaginative design with no direct historical counterpart, allowing exploration of off-kilter, strange, and even otherworldly properties.

The ten aircraft included are...

  • The von Morgen Oger, a single-seater with a very large rapidly fire cannon where the engine ought to be. (Soldier)
  • The Dryad of Hanriot, a lightweight, nimble, and unarmed triplane grown from a living tree. (Witch)
  • The Thorstad S1M2b "Schreckensgans", an early dive bomber turned harpoon-armed hunting aircraft. (Fisher)
  • The Straßenkämpfer, a tough homebuilt fighter plane built from scrap metal and armed with nailguns. (Survivor)
  • The Marut Raider, a tandem-winged airship-hunting fighter carrying a large payload of deadly rockets. (Skyborn)
  • The DFB Blitzgewitter, an expensive and well-armed heavy fighter wreathed in a protective electrical field. (Scion)
  • The KZ-2 Mangusten, a rotary-engine fighter which does a little bit of everything. And we do mean everything. (Worker)
  • The Rebuilt Ländliche Mechanik “Viper”, a kit plane that was assembled backward, as a joke. (Farmer)
  • The Libelle T-87, a delicate flying bullet which squeezes incredible performance out of a small engine. (Believer)
  • The Mauss Z-95 Phönix, a beautiful next-generation scout which powers its heat rays by making daring diving attacks. (Student)
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