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Double or Nothing is a roleplaying game for 2 or 3 people, in which you take the role of a pair of agents who get involved in over the top disasters and have to shoot, kick, and flirt their way out, hopefully without creating too much collateral damage along the way. It is heavily based on Dirty Pair, and replicates the style and absurdity of the anime with a variety of simple and quick mechanics that will quickly lead to ever-escalating danger, and a corresponding bill for damages.

In many ways a spiritual successor to Damage ControlDouble or Nothing is snappy to play and guaranteed to be ridiculous. Custom mechanics include flirting with one another for bonuses, tracking collateral damage in large monetary units, and actually, straight-up playing Truth or Dare with each other. It can be played with or without a GM, as a one-shot or a short campaign, and requires nothing but d6s and a token. It also contains a quick set of random generator tables so you can start playing within minutes.

It is also illustrated, and includes running examples throughout.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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